Our Facilities

Our Classrooms..

In order to provide proper learning environment to our students MGM Medical College has well equipped dedicated class rooms for seating capacity of 200+ students in bigger classrooms and 40 students in smaller classrooms. The classroom walls are so designed to prevent sound intrusion from adjacent spaces.

The classrooms are well ventilated and furnished and equipped with celling mounted fixed overhead LCD projectors and voice reinforcement facility with chalk boards, white screen and well-spaced seating arrangements. Larger classrooms are AC equipped to enable interactive teaching learning. We have departmental libraries and a common conference/seminar room for presentations.

Bus Service

The University has its own fleet of buses plying in all the areas of Navi Mumbai and Panvel for faculty, students and staff. The College has adequate buses which are made available to the students and the faculty members for commuting from various points in the city. All students should make use of the college transport or should stay in the hostel. This facility has made it possible to start the classes in time and thereby helping the academic process. Our bus facilities have enabled us to maintain discipline among students.

House Facilities

MGM Medical College,Navi Mumabi has separate hostels for boys and girls each with all modern facilities, for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostels have their own mess to provide good and hygienic food to the students. Hostel accommodation will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Quality Objectives

To provide good residential facilities with a neat environment. To provide nutritious food. To improve the team spirit, cooperation and value elders whom the students meet.

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel

Staff Qrts (Flats)

PG Hostel 1 (Capacity 270)

Boys Hostel 2 (Capacity 210)

The MGM Central Medical Library is located in the 2nd floor of MGM Medical College building with the carpet area of 16000 sq. feet.


Exclusive Website of MGM Central Library since 2014.

The library remains open from 0800 hrs. to 2200 hrs Monday to Saturday. Issue timings on week days are 0830 hrs. to 1900 hrs. Photocopying service is available from 1000 hrs. to 1800 hrs. through out the week. On Sundays & holidays, only reading room facilities are provided to library users from 1000 hrs. to 1800 hrs. The library remains closed on national and a few local holidays.


At the end of October 2020, the collection of library has been 22600 documents which include 20087 books, 2513 Reference books, 9428 bound volume of journals & 720 copies of thesis.


The library has subscribed 126 (International:50, National:76) scholarly periodical titles It has a separate room popularly known Journal Section, for organizing the periodical collection systematically.


Open Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) has been procured and installed in the main server accessible by all users. Entire collection and services of the library have been computerized. It provides various search points such as; title/series, author, classificatory language, subject etc. It also provides information on journals subscribed or received on gratis/exchange including detains of last issue received, and current holdings can be seen. It provides access of journals according to alphabetical order by their name and broad subjects. OPAC weblink


Weblinks have been provided for more than 410e-books, 27 e-databases and 3645e-journals for accessing the e-health literature/information, free of cost.


The Central Medical Library of MGMIHS has been designated by WHO Press (WHP), World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland on 25 April 2013 as the one of the Network of Reference Libraries for WHO publications


The Library is under the surveillance of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). It helps not only to prevent or reduce the incidences of mutilation/stealing of publications & damage of library materials but also ensure the provision of safe environment for libraryusers.


E-library with 50 node of computers with internet for the explore the word of knowledge.



Healthy & Hygienic Food

We believe our commitment for quality in all aspects of food service is unrivalled. We deliver a wide range of fresh food via our Catering Teams, providing truly personalised menus and food solutions.

The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food. From the very beginning of the College in 2003, the College Canteen has been functioning efficiently. The canteen is located inside the College. The hostellers and day scholars are provided meals by assuring food safety and quality.

The students who come from faraway places, start their journey to the College early in the morning. For them mid-day meal is provided. Even many day-scholars use canteen facility for their breakfast and evening tea with snacks. Presently there are 130 students in the two hostels of the College. They are provided with three meals a day, bed coffee and evening tea/coffee.

The Management of the Canteen is directly under the control of College Administration. The Contractor of the Canteen is selected according to the available and suitable quotations.A well experienced person in food services management, his team is managing, the canteen of MGM IHS. Students and staff of the College are benefited by the College canteen.

Menu will be planned by the assigned team of Management and instructions will be given to the Contractor. The contract of the Canteen will be renewed every year. Periodical meeting will be conducted by the team of Management and Contractor in order to appraise the function of Canteen. Liberalization of food trade, growing consumer demand, physical set up and sanitary conditions are also discussed during appraisal. Also suggestions, complaints and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration.

The waste utilization of the canteen is efficiently done through the waste recycling plant installed in the campus. Only one common eating facility (canteen facility) shall be provided in the campus for day scholars, hostellers, guests of the College, teaching and non-teaching staff of the College. The management is fully committed to keeping the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned.

Citizen's Charter



  • Emergency Medicine
    Family Medicine
    Intensive Care Units
  • General Medicine
    Neurology, Gasteroenterology, Nephrology,Swine Flu OPD,
    Diabetic clinic

  • Chest & Tuberculosis & DOT Center

  • Skin & Dermatology
    Leprosy clinic
    Infectious Diseases OPD & HIV Counseling center

  • Psychiatry
    Child Guidance clinic

  • General Surgery
    Plastic surgery
    Gaseroenrologigy surgery
    Laprosopic surgery

  • Orthopaedics
    Prosthetics & Orthotics
    Sports Medicine

  • Ophthalmology

  • E.N.T.
    Speech Therapy

  • Paediatrics
    Child Welfare including Immunization Clinic
    Child Guidance Clinic
    Child Rehabilitation Clinic including facilities for speech therapy and Occupational therapy & Physiotherapy

  • Obst. & Gynaecology
    Antenatal Clinic, Family Welfare Clinic
    Sterility Clinic
    Cancer Detection Clinic
    PPTCT Centre

    Labour Room
  • Geriatric

  • Immuno Haematology & Blood Transfusion
    Blood Bank

  • Anaesthesiology
    Pain clinic

  • Dental

Super specialty Departments
  • Urology

  • Cardiology

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery

Full-time qualified Doctors and specially trained nursing staff as well as technical staff for medical services are available round the clock.

Services & Facilities

Hospital Services:

  • Clinical Services:

    • Reception & Billing

    • Accident /Trauma Unit

    • Emergency Medical Services / Casualty Dept

    • Blood Bank & component Facilities ( Approved by FDA , Accredited by NABH)

    • Central Diagnostic Laboratory Services (Accredited by NABL)

  • Radiology services

    • MRI 0.3 Tesla

    • Spiral CT Scan Machine

    • Digital X ray Machine

    • Ultrosonography

    • Colour doppler

    • DSA

    • Heart lung machine

    • C Arm

    • Electrocardiography

    • 2D- Echocardiography

    • Mammography

  • Pharmacy
    All the services are available round the clock in the Campus

  • Special Facilities

    • Isolation ward

    • 2-D Echo Cardiography

    • EMG/ EEG

    • NCV Studies

    • Computerized Stress Test

    • Endosopy

    • Physiotherapy

    • Eye Bank

    • Blood Bank

    • Audiometry (Pure tone & Impedance)

    • Dialysis Unit

  • OPD with Specialities & Superspecialities

  • IPD Wards

  • Intensive Care Units:

  • Operation Theatre

    Clean O.T - 6 Numbers
    Septic O.T - 1 Number
    Minor O. T - 1 Numbers
    Accident & Emergency - 1 Number
    OBGY OT - 2 Numbers
    -- “ -- Septic OT - 1 Number
    Endoscopy OT - 1 Number
    Super specialty - 2 Number
    Total 15 Nos.
  • Administrative services:

    • Administration office

    • Accounts Department

    • Medical Social Workers

    • Time keeping

    • Medical Record department

  • Supportive services:

    • Telephone Reception ( EPBAX with 200 extentions)

    • Hospital Store

    • General Store

    • Maintenance

    • Central Workshop

    • Biomedical Engineering Dept

    • IT Dept.

    • Ambulance services

    • Transport office

    • Canteen Servises

    • Linen & Laundry

    • Housekeeping office

    • CSSD

    • Biomedical Waste Disposal

    • Police Chowki

    • Central Canteen


    The emergency department of the hospital is well equipped and manned by well qualified and trained staff to manage all kinds of medical and surgical emergencies and to provide trauma care.
    MGM’s casualty department is fully equipped to meet all emergencies right from myocardial infraction to head injury & trauma cases.


    Operation theatre complex is provided with overhead lights, central oxygen supply, air-conditioners, air filters, etc. The theatres are equipped with instruments and equipments necessary to meet the needs for all kind of surgeries
    Operation theatre complex is provided with overhead lights, central oxygen supply, air-conditioners, air filters, etc. The theatres are equipped with instruments and equipments necessary to meet the needs for all kind of surgeries
    Hospitals general OT caters to all cases right from laproscopic surgeries to complicated supra major neuro surgeries. It has skilled team of surgeons from all specialities to carry out the surgeries effectively. It is also equipped with Wipro GE C-Arm. It allows the X-rays to be oriented correct in space in relation to the instruments and the patients.


    There is a 24 hours in-house pharmacy run by the hospital which caters to the needs of the patients for medicines and surgical items.


    Animal House exists as per norms and approval from council


    The hospital has medical intensive care unit MICU , ICCU and surgical SICU, ObGy ICU, Superspecialty CCU, NICU, PICU & Burns Unit. All Intensive Units are wellequipped with modern cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, central monitoring station and other resuscitation facilities.It is provided with central oxygen line, emergency trolleys with emergency crash carts and medicines, nebulizer, glucometer, portable X-rays, USG, ECG machines and resuscitation kits. It caters to a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies.


    The department of Radiodiagnosis is equipped with following machinaries which are handled by trained staff under the guidance of qualified Doctors

    • MRI 0.3 Tesla

    • Spiral CT Scan machine

    • DSA

    • Heart lung machine

    • C Arm

    • Digital X ray

    • USG

    • Colour Doppler machine

    • Portable sonography machine

    • 2 D- Echocardiography

    • Mammography

    The department is equipped with the following :

    • 2D Echo

    • Electroencephalography (EEG)

    • Electrocardiography (ECG)

    • Computerised Spirometry (LFT)


    Central Pathology Laboratory is accredited by NABL

    Central pathology services are available for Pathology, Histopathology , Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology the respective investigations are performed by qualified & trained staff with the use of modern machineries.

    • Pathology Laboratory with state of the art technology equipped with chemistry analyser, Blood Gas Analyser, Haematology cell counter, ELISA reader, and Histokinesis facilities.

    • Laboratory of Department of infectious Diseases equipped with state of the art technology is providing a whole range of tests such as ELISA, western blot, CD4 / CD8, PCR etc. for detection of HIV and STD disease.


    The unit has all the facilities for providing physiotherapy to outdoor and indoor patients.

    It is well equipped with Instruments that are as follows:-

    • Traction apparatus

    • Shoulder wheel

    • Wax Bath therapy area

    • Rolling Ball

    • Finger Brailing equipment

    • Shortwave diathermy

    • Long wave diathermy

    • Walking bars

    • Pulley wheels

    • Light weights for muscular exercises

    BLOOD BANK: (Accredited by NABH)

    • The voluntary blood donation is the backbone of this noble endeavour.

    • Our student community, faculty members and various social organizations ( Lions, Rotary. Jain Samaj etc.) and the socially conscious public have helped us to meet the growing needs of Blood without recourse to professional donors.

    • Approval of FDA for the new blood component manufacturing area was obtained. We will be expanding the blood bank to start preparation of blood components


    Central Research Laboratory Facilities:

    It has established a State -of –the- Art laboratories for serology, molecular biology, immunology and tissue culture. Over the years large amount of clinical data has been generated. This has been used to develop models for Care and Treatment strategies.

    The main focus of research is on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Dengue, Hepatitis, malaria and toxoplasma, Models of comprehensive care for HIV / AIDS have evolved over a period of time with integrated approach.

    The Central Research lab is acclaimed, both nationally and internationally, for its contribution in designing the best practices that have been adopted for a decade by the national AIDS control programme of Ministry of Health, New Delhi.

    Research lab of Central Research Laboratory

    • Molecular Lab

    • RT_PCR Lab (approved by NABL)

    • Immunology Lab

    • Culture Room with Laminar Wood

    • Biotechnology lab

    • Genetic lab

    • Plant tissue culture lab

    • Washing Room-Changing Room

    • DNA-RNA Isolation Room

    • Washing Room-Changing Room

    • DNA-RNA Isolation Room

    • Cold Room

    • Departmental Library

    List of test carried out in MGM Central Research Laboratories

    • HIV Rapid

    • ELISA for HIV I/II , HBV & HCV

    • P24 ELISA

    • Western Blot for HIV I / II

    • PCR for HIV

    • PCR for Hepatitis B & C

    • CD4 / CD8 Count

    • Viral Load for HIV I / II

    • Viral Load for Hepatitis B & C

    • PCR for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis11.VDRL12.Antiretroviral Drug Sensitivity Tests

    Hospital Welfare activities

    • OPD Free

    • IPD – Minimal Charges

    • Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jana Arogya yojana

    • AB- PMJAY

    • ESIC

    • Vaccinations for Health Care workers