Registered by :DCGI No.ECR/1133/Inst/MH/2018/issued under
Rule 122DD of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1945.

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC), MGM Medical College, Navi-Mumbai is presently recognised as a registered body by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) under the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, Government of India.

It functions according to the requirements laid down in Schedule-Y and are guided by the ICH GCP guidelines, Ethical Principles set forth in the Declaration of Helsinki and the Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants laid down by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

The purpose of the IEC is to protect human subjects through ensuring highest ethical standards and conduct in biomedical research (including scientific and ethical review). IEC Endeavours to protect and promote the dignity, rights and well-being of potential research participants; ensure that universal ethical values and international scientific standards are adhered to and contextualized to suit the local community.

The IEC is headed by a Chairperson and supported by 10 other relevant expertise members including the Member Secretary. The composition of the IEC is a mix of members from different disciplines including medical specialist, eminent scientist, basic medical scientist, clinicians, pharmacologist, microbiologist, legal expert, social worker and lay person.

No Member Designation
Dr. Pramila Yadav Chairperson
Dr. D. Bhusare, MS,MCh,DNB Member
Dr. Pradeep Jadhav, MD Member Secretary
Dr. Ipseeta Ray , PhD Convener
Dr. R.S. Inamdar, MD Member
Dr. Jaishree Ghanekar, MD Member
Dr. A.D. Urhekar, MD Member
Mrs. Rupali Gujar, MSW Social Scientist
Dr. Karuna Ramraje, LLM Legal Expert
Ms UshaMohite Lay Person

Office Address:
Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) 1 2 nd Floor, Dept. of Pharmacology, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai 400 614.
Intercom no. 7888


Anti Ragging Committee established under directives of Supreme Court of India / Govt. of India Notification Gazette of India dated 4 th July 2009 and u/s. 26(1)(g) of UGC Act 1956 dated 17/06/2009, to keep strict vigilance on ragging is as follows,

Sr. No. Name of the Members Post Designation Mob. No.
Dr. G.S. Narshetty
Dean, MGM Medical College Navi Mumbai
Chairman Dean, MGM Medical College, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai -410209 9820873404
Dr. Shilpi Sahu,
Professor & Head Pathology
Nodal Officer HOD Pathology, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai
Dr. Jaishree Ghanekar,
Prof. & Head Medicine
Member (Faculty) HOD Medicine, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai
Dr. Z. G. Badade,
Professor of Biochemistry
Member (Faculty) KL-6(A)-11/5, Sector :1E, Kalamboli Colony, Navi Mumbai 410218
Dr. Vishwas Sathe,
Prof. of Anaesthesia Warden (PG Hostel)
Member (PG Hostel) MGM Staff Quarters, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai 410209
Mr. Birendra Kumar,
Warden, Boys Hostel
Member (UG Hostel) MGM Staff Quarters, MGM Campus, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai 410 209
Dr. Neha Singh ,
Asst Prof.
(Staff Qtrs)
Member (Hostel) MGM Staff Quarters, Navi Mumbai 410 209
Dr. J. K. Nath , NGO Member NGO, CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai 9821060034
Mr. Sachin Jadhav,
Dy. Librarian
Representative Non teaching C/212, Maruti Niwas, Sector : 6, New Panvel 410209
Mr. Prakhar Trivedi, UG Student Student Representative MGM Boys Hostel, MGM Campus, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai 410 209 8839830206
Ms. Janhavi D Talathi, UG Student Student Representative MGM Girls Hostel, MGM Campus, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai 410 209 7045242774
Dr. Shridhar W. Bodhe Representative Ex Civil Admin Deputy Collector , Office of the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, Thane, Thane 9987263265
( Police Inspector) Representative of Police Admn(Zone II) Sub Inspector of Police Office of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Zone 2, Panvel., Raigad 02227490476
Mr. Ravi Autade Representative of Media Panchsheel, Sector : 6, Kalamboli Navi Mumbai 8450968875
Mrs. Seema Ketan Anam
( Mother of PG student)
Representative of Parent 9, Mahavir Palace, Hingwala Lane, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai-400077 9664800595
Dr. Vijay Kamale (Parent) Representative of Parent A 303, Pouras Chhaya, Plot No. 18, Sector : 24, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai 400 705
Dr. Vasvi Sharma ,
JR-I ( Gen. Surgery)
Student (PG) Representative PG Hostel, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai 9930501520
Dr. Singh Sanjeevkumar ,
JR-II (Gen. Medicine)
Student (PG) Representative PG Hostel, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai 9309863302

* The complaints should be given at institutional level, ie Dept / Hospital / Medical College/ MGMHS, before complaining to regulatory bodies is mandatory.
For the smooth and comfortable entry of the newly admitted students, all are requested to keep vigilance to see that no untoward activities take place in our college.


Aim Objectives
Curriculum Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the undergraduate & Post Graduate (CBME) curriculum as per norms of NMC / MGM Institute of Health Sciences and after careful review and evaluation, recommending any changes and innovations to it. The Committee also screens new course offerings, conducting regular reviews of all academic & Teaching- Learning programs in institutional level.

Sr. No. Designation Name
Chairperson Dr. G.S. Narshetty, Dean
Members (Pre Clinical subjects) Dr. Anjali Sabnis, Prof. & HOD, Anatomy
Dr. R.S. Inamdar, Professor & HOD, Physiology
Dr. Santosh Gawli, Prof. & HOD , Biochemistry
Members (Para Clinical subjects) Dr. Khandelwal , Prof. & HOD Pharmacology
Dr. Anahita, Prof. & HOD Microbiology
Dr. Shilpi Sahu, Prf. & HOD Pathology
Dr. Shendarkar, I/C. HOD FMT
Members (Community Medicine) Dr. Prasad Waigankar, I/C. Professor & HOD, Community Medicine
Members (Med. & Allied) Dr. J. Ghanekar, Prof. & HOD, Gen Medicine
Dr. Vijay Kamale, Prof. & HOD Paediatrics
Member (Surg & Allied) Dr. Sameer Kadam, Prof. & HOD, Surgery
Dr. Kalpana Rajiv Kumar, Prof. & HOD, ENT
Dr. N. Abidi, HOD Ophthalmology
Member (ObGY & Allied) Dr. Sushil Kumar, Prof. & HOD, ObGy
Member ( EM, Trauma, Geriatrics, PMR & IHBT) Dr. D.B. Bhusare, Prof. & HOD Emergency Medicine
Dr. O. Rohandia, Prof. & HOD, Traumatology
Dr. T.K. Biswas, Prof. & HOD, Geriatrics
Dr. Khandelwal, Prof. & HOD, PMR
Dr. Iqbal Singh, Prof. & HOD , IHBT
Member (MEU) Dr. Mrunal Pimparkar ,Prof. 0f Community Medicine
Representive of students One UG Student representative
One PG Student representative

Functions : The following are functions of the Curriculum Committee:

  • Time Table framing as per MGMIHS/ NMC CBME curriculam and assure that Number of teaching hours are completed in the same Semester.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Integrated teaching incorporation.
  • Implementation of mentor system in each department, if any one has severe problems needs help should be informed to the office as and when required.
  • Committee will ensure the Code of Conduct , dress code of students
  • Recommendations for Revision / change to the existing Curriculum in Addition/ Deletion suggestions as per NMC/ MGMIHS for approval of BOS,/AC.
  • The recommendation of Books, Text Boks, Refereal Books, Journals every year as per the requirement to Library Committee/ College council Committee.
  • Innovative ideas for improvement of teaching learning evaluation.
  • The Committee ensure and give completion of syllabus at the end of the term.
  • Examination patterns like MCQ paterns and other rules and regulations for exams enforced by University/ NMC from time to time may be submitted to BOS/ AC/BOE


Aims Objectives:
Research forms an integral part of a teaching institution. The Scientific Committee is constituted in the institutional level to scrutinise the protocol presentation regarding scientific logistics and ethical aspects and quality monitoring of the study submitted by the Postgraduate students and Faculties.

Functions :

  • It gives timely and complete appraisal to the submitted research proposals and offer technical guidance to those who submit their proposals for its review.
  • To promote, Coordinate and guide research study at the institutional level and to encourage Postgraduate Students to research activities in Innovate new Techniques.
  • Maintain highest scientific, research and ethical standards in the institution
  • The review of the submitted research proposals is an in-house exercise, The Committee scrutinize the protocol presented to them and recommend the changes if required to incorporate in the protocol of the study. After obtaining the approval from Scientific Committee, proposals are forwared to the Institutional Ethics Committee for the IEC approval.

The Scientific Committee composition (Institutional)

Sr. No Name Disignation
Dr. Prakash Khandelwal, Prof. & HOD Pharmacology Chairperson
Dr. Z.G. Badade , Professor, Biochemistry Member
Dr.Sandeep Rai, Professor General Medicine Member
Special Invitees
PG Guide / Subject Expert

The Committee will meet as and when the protocols are submitted.


Registered by :CPCSEA & Licensing Authority with
Registration No. 303/PO/Re/S/2000/CPCSEA

(Valid from Jan. 19 th , 2017 through Jan. 18 th , 2022)

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC), MGM Medical College, Navi-Mumbai is presently recognised as a teaching and research institute with postgraduate students performing research on animals. As per the CPCSEA(Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals) norms, Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) has been constituted to supervise and evaluate all aspects of the animal care and use program in the institution under Rule 5(a) of the breeding and Experiment on Animals (Control and Supervision) rules 1998 with CPCSEA Registration No.: 303/PO/Re/S/2000/CPCSEA.

It functions according to the requirements and guidelines laid by CPCSEA in regards with performing experimentation on animals. The IAEC ensure the guidelines to be followed during animal use for research with due care and humanity. IAEC ensures that the procedure of experimentations, animal rehabilitation and euthanasia should be done in an ethical way.

The purpose of the IAEC is to review proposed use of animals in research and require any modifications necessary for approval, or withhold approval prior to use of animals. The committee approves research involving animals which conform to the various guidelines for use of animals in research. It reviews periodically the Institute’s animal facility and investigate legitimate concerns involving the care and use of animals during research

The IAEC is composed of various members that includes a biological scientist, two scientists from different biological disciplines preferably involved in animal experiments, out of two, one from the non‐clinical discipline, one veterinarian involved in the care of animals, a scientist in charge animal House, a scientist from outside the institute, One non‐scientific socially aware person and one nominee of CPCSEA. The members are nominated by the institution and CPCSEA and timely meetings are conducted to approve and evaluate all aspects of animal care followed during experimentation on animals.

No Name of IAEC Members Designation in IAEC
Dr. Uddhav Kalu Chaudhari Main Nominee
Dr Vikas D. Dighe Link Nominee
Dr. Dhanjit Kumar Das Scientist from outside the Institute
Prof. Vishnu Thakare Socially aware Nominee
Dr Prakash Khandelwal, Prof. & HOD Pharmacology Chairperson
Dr G. S. Narshetty, Dean Member
Dr. R.S. Inamdar, Prof. & HOD Physiology Member
Dr. Ipseeta Ray, Prof. Of Pharmacology Member Secretary
Dr. Krutika Khiratkar, Veterinary Officer Veterinarian (Member)

Office Address:
Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)
2 nd Floor, Dept. of Pharmacology, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai 400 614.
Intercom no. 7888


A College Council Committee is functional as per Regulations of the MGMIHS / MCI/NMC norms as follows.

S No. Name of the Members Designation
Dr. Sudhirchandra N. Kadam Medical Director / Chairman
Dr. G.S. Narshetty, Dean Member / Secretary
Dr. K.R. Salgotra, Medical Supdt., Kamothe Member
Dr. Archana Chatterji, Medical Supdt., Kalamboli Member
Dr. Prabha Dasila,Director of Nursing Member
Dr. Anjali Sabnis, Professor & HOD Anatomy Member
Dr. Inamdar R.S. Professor & HOD Physiology. Member
Dr. Santosh Gawli, Professor & HOD, Biochemistry Member
Dr. Shilpi Sahu, Professor & HOD., Pathology Member
Dr. Prakash Khandelwal, Professor & HOD, Pharmac. Member
Dr. Anahita, Professor & HOD, Microbiology Member
Dr. Prasad Waingankar, Professor & HOD, CM. Member
Dr. Ajay Shendarkar , Professor & HOD, FMT Member
Dr. J. Ghanekar, Professor & HOD, Medicine
Dr. Vijay Kamale, Professor & HOD, Paediatrics Member
Dr. Shylaja , Professor & HOD, Dermatology Member
Dr. Pradeep Potdar , Professor & HOD, Resp. Med. Member
Dr. Rakesh Ghildiyal, Professor & HOD, Psychiatry Member
Dr. Sameer Kadam, Professor & HOD, Gen. Surgery Member
Dr. Alfven Vieira, Professor & HOD, Orthopaedics Member
Dr. N. Abidi, Professor & HOD, Ophthalmology Member
Dr. Kalpana Rajivkumar, Professor & HOD,ENT Member
Dr. Sushilkumar, Professor & HOD, ObGy Member
Dr. Priti Kapoor, Professor & HOD, Radiology Member
Dr. R.L. Gogna Professor & HOD, Anaesthesiology Member
Dr. Iqbal Singh. , Prof. & HOD IHBT Member
Dr. T.K. Biswas. Prof. & HOD, Geriatrics Member
Dr. D. Bhusare, Prof. & HOD, Emergency Med. Member
Dr. Jena, HOD CVTS Member
Dr. Piyush Singhania, Prof. & HOD, Urology Member
Dr. R. Rathod, Prof. & HOD, Cardiology Member
Dr. Pankaj Patil, Prof. & HOD Family Medicine Member
Dr. Rohandia, Prof. & HOD Traumatology Member

  • The Committee will meet a minimum four times in a year or when ever on emergency.
  • To draw & review the details of curriculum/ log book as well as training programme for Under Graduate & Postgraduate students and framing infrastructure facilities.
  • To discuss regarding academic and research activities/ programmes.
  • To assist Dean in day to day activities and administration


A Grievance Committee is constituted at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, as under to look into the complaints of students and their problems.

Dr. G. S. Narshetty Dean, MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai Chairperson
Dr. Rakesh Ghildiyal Professor & HOD, Psychiatry Chairman
Dr. K.R. Salgotra Medical Superintendent, MGM Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai Member
Dr. Jaishree Ghanekar Professor & HOD, General Medicine Member
Dr. Reeta Dhar Professor of Pathology Member
De. Geeta Srivastava Legal Advisor, MGM Law College Member
Mrs. Rupali Gujar Social Worker / Counsellor Member
Dr. Abhishek Kulkarni PG student / MS- Orthopaedics Member
Ms. Sejal Seth UG Student representative Member

Aims & Objectives :

  • The Grievance Redressal Cell of the college performs the vital function of maintaining healthy and cordial relations between the teacher and the student.
  • In the meetings , the students can express their view-points without any inhibition.
  • Sincere efforts should be made by the college authorities to solve their genuine problems of the students.
  • Suggestion and Complaint Boxes to be placed in the college campus which helps the authorities to get feedback from the student community and make suitable amendments.
  • The box is cleared regularly and note of the grievances is taken and evolves actions and solutions.

This mechanism works at three levels
i) Level – I : Head of Department
ii) Level – II : Institutional Grievance Redressal Committee
iii)Level - III : Grievance Redressal Committee of University

Internal complaint committee

Committee Against Sexual Harassment
(Prevention, Prohibition and redressal)Act, 2013

A committee is constituted in MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai as per UGC/ MGM IHS.

Aim & Objectives : Women in Work Place - Work Without Harassment

The Complaint’s Committee to deal with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India relating to sexual harassment of women workers at work places and students in Colleges. The Supreme Court of India held that sexual harassment of women is a violation of the fundamental right of women to work in a safe environment.


Sr. No. Name of the members Mobile Number Designation
Dr. Kalpana RajivKumar, Prof. & HOD ENT 9821548296 Chairman/ Presiding Officer
Dr. Rakesh Ghildiyal, Prof. & HOD Psychiatry 9820230538 Member
Dr. Anahita Bhesania( Hodiwala) Professor Microbiology 9820031818 Member
Dr. J.K. Nath, Representative of NGO 9821060034 Member
Mrs. Geeta Srivastava, Law College Member
Mrs. Rupali Gujar, Medical Social Worker 8652337111 Member

The Role of the Committee

  • To act as Inquiry Authority on a complaint of sexual harassment.
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  • No Women shall be subjected to sexual harrassment at any workplace
  • To take proactive measures towards sensitization of the staff, students and faculty members